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More Boss Cartoons

Been doing a lot of spot graphics for Boss Boss Radio – and hope to be doing more! Here’s one I did for Boss Jock Cousin Dean’s “Double Play Hour” – weekdays at 12 PDT:

double play hour1

This one’s for Wyatt Jennings’ “Vinyl Nuggets” show:

vinyl nugget box2

And this one’s for Big Mike’s Impossible Trivia feature – listen to his show 2-6 am PDT, 5-9 am in the East…

impossible trivia1

More Scary Stuff

Another Inkscape graphic…


Witchy Woman

Keep your eyes open this Halloween!



The Holidays are Coming!

Another Halloween graphic – done with Inkscape . It’s starting to remind me of my old CorelDraw!




Autumn’s Coming

It’s almost fall! Another graphic done with Inkscape…



Scary Stuff, Keeds!

The holidays are coming! And I’m trying to get back into computer graphics – this was done with Inkscape, an open-source Adobe Illustrator “clone”. Soon to appear in a friend’s online events site!

cat and pumpkin4 web

Throwback Thursday

From a few Xmas’es back…

Happy Xmas!

Retro Robot

I want to start a Kickstarter to build a line of robots like this – get a couple of mil and then retire to an island with one ot two of them!

Sketch 2015-04-18 07_47_31