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Holiday Coffee Sleeves

Here are some of the holiday coffee sleeves I did for La Bou Carmichael, my local java joint. If you’re in the Carmichael area, stop by and ask your barista for one! These cover Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and “Talk Like a Pirate Day”! I got the idea from fellow cartoonist and Facebook “friend” Jon Murakami, who’s been doing this with his cartooning friends at their local Starbucks in Honolulu. If you make it to Hawaii, stop in at their Honolulu Starbucks – tell them I sent you!





“The Trumpsters”

Coming to a TV near you! #TheTrumpsters #DAbstonCartoons


Today at the Office

A couple of quick sketches…

More Scary Stuff

Another Inkscape graphic…


Witchy Woman

Keep your eyes open this Halloween!



The Holidays are Coming!

Another Halloween graphic – done with Inkscape . It’s starting to remind me of my old CorelDraw!




Scary Stuff, Keeds!

The holidays are coming! And I’m trying to get back into computer graphics – this was done with Inkscape, an open-source Adobe Illustrator “clone”. Soon to appear in a friend’s online events site!

cat and pumpkin4 web

The Next Holiday

Halloween’s on the way!

Scan Jul 5, 2016, 12.01 PM

Scary Stuff!

Halloween’s coming!

cat and pumpkin front web1

Click here to order.

Happy Halloween

Toasting ghosts – available at Zazzle.

Two Ghosts

two ghosts front web1